What Happened Tombstone Pizza?

The onset of the 1980s found Tombstone evolving from state to regional to national pizza supplier. By 1981, sales had mushroomed to $62 million in the billion-dollar frozen pizza market, a 27 percent increase from the previous year’s $49 million.

So, where’s the pizza fit in? Well one day, the bar’s owner Joe Simek broke his leg dancing. Yep, he was doing the Peppermint Twist. While taking a break from bartending and busting moves, Joe started to make TOMBSTONE® Pizza right from the Tombstone Tap kitchen.

The flavor of the crust is good, but in reality, it is pretty much the same as a regular Tombstone all the way around. Overall, the pizza is good. But here is the bottom linewith the exception of the crust on the edges, this is basically just a slightly thinner version of a regular Tombstone pizza with a TON of extra cheese on it.

The Tombstone Roadhouse line of pizzas are described on Tombstone’s site as, “Fully loaded with cheese and meat. An authentic tavern style pizza. Roadhouse pizzas have 50% more cheese compared to our original pizzas!”

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