How Do You Set Up A Home Bar Beer Pump?

Here are the steps you will need to take to successfully install a better tap in your home bar: Connect the regulator. Connect the regulator to the CO2 canister and adjust the pressure level accordingly. Beer can be pumped at various pressures, so you may have to toy with this before deciding on an optimal pressure. Assemble the lines and the tap .

Now, if you are looking for a compact pump that will save space in your living room, Taprite PP601 should come first. It is very slim but sturdy, with only one hose for serving your beer.

The feature also helps keep your beer fresh by reducing the number of kegs on tap at each moment. If you need to pump beer a long distance, consider this your ideal choice because it can pump 30 meters vertically and 244 meters horizontally. Besides, each line can supply up to 3 faucets.

It is neatly assembled to not only save on your space but also improve its usability. Besides, you can dismantle it quite easily at any time for cleaning. The pump is also inflated with CO2 cartridges safely to ensure it is environmentally safe and that it does not alter the taste of your beer.

Why install a beer tap in your home?

Installing a beer tap in your home bar, will allow you to take full advantage of the entertainment factor right from your home—a comfortable space—and save you the money that you would otherwise spend on a day or night drinking out. In your home bar, you and your friends can enjoy the big game over a round of brews without having to put up with …

In very large bar setups, oftentimes the beer has to flow as much as 50 feet or more before reaching the tap, but this is not something you will have to worry about in a home bar setup. What you will need to do is make the necessary connections—connecting the CO2 tank, the keg and the tap using plastic tubing.

The beer line is essentially the tube that brings beer from the keg up to the faucet or beer flow. The tap. The tap is a word used to describe the connection piece that allows you to get beer out of the keg. The handle is a long piece of wood or plastic that typically screws onto the faucet and makes pouring easier while also allowing you …

When forming this mental picture or sketch, you will need to consider all of the basic parts involved in a beer tap setup. These fundamental parts include: The Keg . The keg is where the beer is stored in a draft beer system, and this will need to be refrigerated. A carbon dioxide (CO2) gas tank or canister.

Pubs, nightclubs and neighborhood bars have to charge much more for their beer to account for things like delivery costs, overhead and salaries—costs they pass on to us, the consumers. Fortunately, there is another way to enjoy delicious draft beer at home or in your man cave. Installing a beer tap in your home bar, …

Your entire configuration will have to have a means of refrigeration to keep the beer ice cold. Because the beer needs to (ideally) be kept cold, the keg itself will need to be placed inside a refrigeration unit.

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