What is the healthiest thing to eat at Applebee’s?

5 Healthy Applebee’s Menu Items That Are Worth Ordering

  • Sirloin, broccoli, and a baked potato. The key word here is “grilled.” If you’re craving meat, this 6 oz steak is the way to go. …
  • Thai Shrimp Salad. …
  • Cedar Salmon with Mustard Glaze. …
  • Grilled Chicken Breast. …
  • Tomato Basil Soup.

Then, Is Applebee’s the worst restaurant? Most likely the worst chain restaurant to still be open nationwide, Applebee’s is somewhat of a legacy in terms of how awful chain restaurants can really be. Many would argue that it’s the worst of the worst chain restaurants ever made. … Eating at home would be better and cheaper than anything Applebee’s has to offer.

What can you not eat at Applebees?
The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s Gallery

  • The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s. Redwood8/Dreamstime.com. …
  • Four Cheese Mac + Cheese With Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders. Erin B./Yelp. …
  • Classic Chicken Parmesan. …
  • Oriental Chicken Salad. …
  • Chicken Tenders Platter. …
  • Clubhouse Grille. …
  • Chicken Fajita Rollup. …
  • Blue Ribbon Brownie.

Similarly Does Applebee’s have senior discount?

Applebee’s. Those who are 60 and up get 10% to 15% off at participating locations. This deal may require a Golden Apple Card.

Does Applebee’s have healthy options?

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar has plenty of healthy items on their menu. The shrimp wonton stir fry and the cedar salmon are two menu items that dietitians often turn to. All the dietitians swap out fried sides with veggies.

Why you shouldn’t eat at Applebee’s? I dislike Applebee’s and most chain restaurants for two reasons. the food served is actually of a lower quality than a lot of fast foods and is prepared by reheating, microwaving and flash frying. You’re paying for the presentation and the dining room with its servers.

Beside this, What is the most unhealthy dessert at Applebee’s? Blue Ribbon Brownie

Sounds delicious, but this dessert has 1,520 calories — around what some doctors recommend people for an entire day of food. It also has 147 grams of sugar, which is comparable to approximately 14 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

What are the specials at Applebee’s now?

Applebee’s $5 Off Your First Online Order Of $25

  • Chicken Tenders Plate.
  • Classic Cheeseburger.
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken.
  • Southwest Steak Bowl.
  • Chicken Tenders Platter (+2 more per entree)
  • Classic Broccoli Chicken Alfredo ($2.50 more per entree)
  • Half Rack Double-glazed Baby Back Ribs (+$2.50 more each entree)
  • 6 Oz.

Is Applebees unhealthy?

Frankly, there aren’t really any healthy options at Applebee’s. Many of the menu items are high in calories and have a scary amount of sodium (we’re talking dishes with nearly two days’ worth of sodium, like the fajitas.

Does Applebee’s have sweet potato fries? Review of Applebee’s Grill + Bar. Stopped at the Royersford applebee’s for dinner was disappointed they took the sweet potato fries off the menu. Two they are healthier than regular fries. …

What is Applebee’s famous for?

Applebee’s is an American company which develops, franchises, and operates the Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar restaurant chain. The Applebee’s concept focuses on casual dining, with mainstream American dishes such as salads, chicken, pasta, burgers, and “riblets” (which is considered Applebee’s signature dish).

Does Applebee’s give an AARP discount?

No, Applebee’s does not offer AARP discounts.

Does Applebee’s give AAA discount? Applebee’s now offers a 10% discount for AAA members.

Also to know, How can I save money at Applebees? To enjoy a meal at Applebee’s without breaking the bank, here are a few good tips.

  1. Happy Hour & Late Night Specials. …
  2. 2 for $20 Menu. …
  3. Get the App & Order Online. …
  4. Join Their Email Club. …
  5. Kids Eat Free. …
  6. Buy a Gift Card Online. …
  7. Use a Rewards Credit Card.

What can I eat at Applebees on a diet?

  • Bourbon Street Chicken + Shrimp.
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken.
  • Chicken Tenders Platter.
  • Chicken Tenders Plate.

Is Applebee’s unhealthy?

Frankly, there aren’t really any healthy options at Applebee’s. Many of the menu items are high in calories and have a scary amount of sodium (we’re talking dishes with nearly two days’ worth of sodium, like the fajitas.

What is the lowest calorie thing at Applebees? The lowest calorie seafood specialty is the baked cod for a whopping 970 calories, so if you want to keep it healthier, go for the cedar grilled salmon on the grill menu, which will only cost you 340 calories.

Are refills free at Applebee’s? They charge for drink refills.

Why is Taco Bell bad?

“Many of the food items at Taco Bell are oversized and also fried, cheesy, or contain beef,” says Dr. Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim. “This combo is full of too many calories as well as saturated fat which, if consumed regularly over time, can lead to obesity and heart disease.”

Also, What is the most unhealthy pastry? Unhealthiest: Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake comes in many different variations, but most of the time, artificial food coloring is used and the icing loads on the fat and sugar. It can have anywhere from 250 to 500 calories, so choose wisely.

What is the most fattening dessert?

17 of the most indulgent desserts around the world, ranked by number of calories

  • ‘The Cannoli Bazooka,’ Pasticceria Caruso, Sydney, Australia — 1,048 calories for 5%.
  • ‘The Loop Churros,’ The Loop, Orange County, California, USA — 1,040 calories each. …
  • Towering Cakes from Wee Jennys, Falkirk, UK — 995 calories per slice. …

What is the $1 drink at Applebee’s this month? (WXYZ) — Applebee’s $1 drink for this month is here, and it’s lit! The Dollar L.I.T. is returning – it’s the restaurant’s take on a traditional Long Island Iced Tea, featuring five different kinds of liquor.

What time is half off apps at Applebee’s?

Many Applebee’s locations have select appetizers for half price after 9 pm on weekdays and after 10 pm on weekends. Typical appetizer specials for happy hour are boneless wings, Mozzarella sticks, and spinach artichoke dip. 9 p.m.

What is Applebees happy hour specials? Applebee’s Happy Hours Details

Brand Name Applebee’s
Kind of Hour Applebee’s Happy Hours
Applebee Happy Hour Time 3 p.m. to 6 p.m
Available Days Monday through Friday
Applebee’s Happy Hour Specials
Mozzarella Sticks, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Spinach,

and Artichoke Dip, Onion Rings, Chicken Wonton Tacos,

and the Cheese Quesadilla

Aug 8, 2021

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