How many locations does Sonny’s BBQ have?

Sonny’s BBQ now has

113 restaurants

across nine Southeastern states and is headquartered in Maitland, Florida. The restaurant specializes in Southern-style BBQ.

Sonny’s BBQ.

Type Private
Headquarters Maitland, Florida , United States
Number of locations

Then, What is in Sonny redneck egg rolls? Redneck Egg Rollsare a mix of pulled pork, coleslaw, and Jack cheese that is rolled into an egg roll and fried served with a smoky ranch dipping sauce. BBQ Nachosblend nacho chips with pulled chicken, queso, tomato, and corn drizzled with Sonny’s Signature Sweet Sauce.

How many pounds of pork do you need for pulled pork? For pulled pork, the standard rule of thumb is one-third to one-half pound of meat per person. When cooked and shredded, a bone-in pork shoulder will lose around 40 percent of its weight. For example, a raw 10-pound pork shoulder (or two 5-pounders) will yield about 6 pounds of finished meat, serving 12 to 18 people.

Similarly How much is a Sonny’s BBQ franchise?

Franchise Facts

Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ has a franchise fee of up to $25,000, with a total initial investment range of $395,000 to $705,000.

How many wings are in Sonny’s appetizer?

Sonny’s BBQ Menu Prices

Item Size Price
Smoked Wings $8.29
BBQ Wings 10 count Sweet, sizzlin, smokin or dry rub $9.29
BBQ Wings


Sweet, sizzlin, smokin or dry rub $16.49

Does sonnys have soup? Slow-smoking favorites like pulled pork, ribs, brisket since 1968. We love the salad & soup bar. Everyday there is a special homemade soup. The chicken & dumpling is the BEST!

Beside this, What sauces does Sonny’s have?
Sauces & Rubs

  • Sweet Sauce 84oz. $14.99.
  • Sweet Sauce 21 oz. $4.99.
  • Sizzlin’ Sauce. $4.99.
  • Original Sauce. $4.99.
  • House Dry Rub. $3.99.
  • Smokin Sauce. $4.99.

How much pork do I need for 50 people?

You’ll need to buy 23.4 pounds of fresh uncooked pork. If you’re buy it already cooked and packaged, it’s all based on the serving size you want to offer. 50 people eating 3 ounce portions = 150 ounces = 9.37 pounds.

How much do pulled pork sandwiches cost?

Looking at a local spot that does pulled pork sandwiches, they charge by the person sort of. So, for 25-50 people it is $12/ea. Figure that being a 1/4-1/3 pound of meat, you’re looking at 3-4 sandwiches per pound. $10/serving at a minimum of 25 servings.

What cut of meat is pulled pork? What is the best cut of meat for pulled pork? Pork shoulder is ideal for pulling purposes. It has an optimum fat content that yields to create tender, melty meat, but it’s essential you cook it slowly to allow the protein to break down properly.

Is there pork in Sonny’s baked beans?

Baked beans used to be thick, dark, sweet and loaded with meat. Now they resemble canned pork and beans without the pork fat. In fact there is no meat at all. … The baked beans cannot be salvaged.

Does sonnys sell brisket?

sliced brisket, pulled or on-the-bone chicken, or smoked turkey. *Full-size platters serve approximately 30, while half-size platters serve approximately 15 people. All catering packages include your choice of meat(s), three sides, bread & butter, paper plates & utensils, lemonade, fresh-brewed iced tea & BBQ sauces.

What is BBQ brisket? What is brisket? A cut of beef that needs to be cooked slowly to break down the connective tissues. The unique thing about this cut of beef is that it can be slow cooked so it’s fork tender, yet is still sliceable. It also has a better beefy flavour compared to other slow cooking beef cuts like chuck.

Also to know, How many carbs are in Sonny’s pulled pork?

Calories Total Carbohydrates (g)
Calories Sort by Calories Total Carbohydrates (g)Sort by Total Carbohydrates (grams)
[more info]Pulled Pork Sandwich 670
[more info]Sliced Brisket Sandwich 590 35
[more info]Sliced Pork Sandwich 610 40

What sides does Sonny’s BBQ have?

  • CORN ON THE COB 1.99.
  • GARLIC BREAD 1.59.

How many carbs are in Sonny’s sweet BBQ sauce?

Nutrition Facts

6.0 % Total Carbs

17 g
Sugars 15 g
% Protein 0 g

Jun 15, 2018

How much is Sonny’s BBQ sauce? Sonny’s Authentic Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce 84oz.

Was: $15.99 Details
$14.09 ($0.17 / Ounce)

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You Save: $1.90 (12%)

Is Sonny’s Sizzlin BBQ sauce spicy? Add some heat with Sonny’s BBQ’ smokey, spicy Sizzlin’ sauce. Aged cayenne, red jalapeno and habanero peppers give this tomato-based sauce its fiery kick.

How much does 10 pounds of pulled pork feed?

RULE #1: One pound of cooked pulled pork is enough to feed three people. So try to work go by serving one-third of a pound per head. RULE #2: Raw pork usually results in half of its weight in cooked pulled pork. So for every one pound of raw pork, expect about half a pound of resulting pulled pork.

Also, How many pounds of pork do I need for 30 people? Generally, allow four to five ounces of boneless meat for each guest at lunch. Plan for a bit more meat, about five to seven ounces, if you’re serving dinner to your crowd. For a party of 30 to 40 people, this works out to be nine to 12 pounds of pulled pork for lunch, and 13 to 17 pounds for dinner.

How many pounds of BBQ will feed 35 people?

According to VooDoo BBQ & Grill, 9 pounds of meat will feed a group of 20-22 people, and 12 pounds will feed a group of 30-35. If you’re ordering ribs, you’ll want to aim for 3 ribs per person.

How much does a whole smoked pork butt cost? Add total cost for wood or fuel+ Seasonings, plus your time (Value), MIsc Materials and meat cost. Total pPent is $844.00 divided by 40 Butts gives you a starting price of $ 21.10 per butt or at 6 LBS avg yield per butt is about $3.50 LB Cooked Meat.

How much does a pound of pulled pork feed?

RULE #1: One pound of cooked pulled pork is enough to feed three people. So try to work go by serving one-third of a pound per head. RULE #2: Raw pork usually results in half of its weight in cooked pulled pork. So for every one pound of raw pork, expect about half a pound of resulting pulled pork.

How much should I pay for a pork butt? Boston Butt Price / Pork Butt Price

Boston butt is usually sold at a per-pound rate of about $1.79 to $2.29. Often, you can find it on sale for 99 cents per pound, in which case you should buy a large batch. It’s not a huge investment when the price is this low, and the results are well worth it.

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