How big is a large sub at Firehouse?

The other three are at New Market, Kellogg & Rock, and north Greenwich Road. Their menu consists of different subs with three different sizes of small, medium and large. Small subs run 4 inches long, mediums are 8 inches and larges are 12 inches.

Then, How much does a 6 foot sub cost? Some of the catering options they have include the famous 3 or 6 foot giant sub sandwiches, various sub sandwich platters, specialty items, side items, and desserts.

Subway Catering Prices.

Food Size Price
Giant Sub 3 ft. $51.99
Giant Sub 6 ft.
Giant Sub 9 ft. $149.97
Giant Sub 12 ft. $199.96

How big is a firehouse sub small? The sandwiches are 3.5 to 4 inches long and start at $3.99 for a Hook & Ladder, made with smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Unlike the Hearty & Flavorful line, the new subs are the same build as the larger ones, only in a smaller size.

Similarly Why are Firehouse Subs so good?

It comes in second to Subway

In the places where Firehouse Subs sets up shops, they’re really popular because the food is excellent, the prices are within reason and they have a very cool theme that most people love.

How small is a small at Firehouse Subs?

Firehouse introduced its Small Subs lineup across all locations this week, a move that addressed several factors. The subs are the same as the larger ones, just 3.5—4 inches long with 2-ounce portions and a price point that starts at $3.99.

How much is a 6-foot sub at Walmart? Walmart Catering Menu

Item Price
Sub Sandwich 2ft. $18.00
Sub Sandwich 4ft. $28.00
Sub Sandwich 6ft.
Pinwheel Tray Small 12″ $14.00

Beside this, How many does a 6-foot sub serve? Available items: 3-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 10–12. 6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25.

Are Walmart Subs good?

Walmart’s sandwiches are a popular item and for good reason — they are substantial, well-priced and seem fresh. I’ve bought them occasionally over the years and they do the job. I’d never tried the Beef & Bleu sandwich before and it was surprisingly flavorful.

How big is a giant sub at Jersey Mike’s?

You can order a mini sub, a regular sub (7 1/2 inches), giant sub (15 inches) or a sub in a tub, where you make your sub into a salad. They also serve wraps.

Is Firehouse Subs like subway? We don’t like comparing chains here, but Firehouse Subs has been dubbed by fans and Business Insider as the “anti-Subway.” While that’s not a dig at Subway’s sandwich quality, the former chain markets their food as “fresh and healthy” options, while Firehouse Subs bypasses all of that nonsense and appears to focus …

What kind of meat does Firehouse Subs use?

USDA Choice roast beef, smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted provolone, served Fully Involved.

What is the best sandwich at Firehouse Subs?

WHAT IS FIREHOUSE SUBS BEST SELLER? Robin told us that the Hook and Ladder is their number one seller, and I could tell why. My sub was piled high with fresh meat: the Hook and Ladder features smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack cheese.

What is the most popular firehouse sub?
Most Popular Items at Firehouse Subs

  • Chicken Gyro Hero. #1.
  • Hook & Ladder Sub. #2.
  • Meatball Sub. #3.
  • Spicy Cajun Chicken Sub. #4.
  • Italian Sub. #5.
  • Veggie Sub. #6.
  • Cherry Lime-Aid Zero Sugar Sparkling. #7.
  • Tuna Sub. #8.

Also to know, What is healthier Subway or Jersey Mike’s? Subway has the healthier sub sandwich

Sorry, Jersey Mike’s, but Subway has you beat by a long shot when it comes to the healthiest sandwich. … Jersey Mike’s original Italian sub has 940 calories with 53 grams of fat between those buns. It also has 2,351 milligrams of sodium and 11 grams of sugar.

Are Firehouse Subs expensive? Firehouse serves its most famous subs, also called the hot subs. It has its veggie, smoked turkey breast, premium roast beef, pastrami, and grilled chicken breast. The Firehouse Subs prices range between – $ 5 to $ 8.99.

Does Walmart make sandwich trays?

Walmart Sandwich Trays

Walmart deli tray of convenient, made-fresh sandwiches, Ham, Roast beef, and turkey are paired with cheeses and white and wheat bread.

Does Walmart make sandwich platters? SANDWICH TRAY

A tray of convenient, made-fresh sandwiches. Ham, roast beef, and turkey are paired with cheeses and white and wheat bread. Garnished with cherry tomatoes.

Does Walmart make sub sandwiches? Marketside 6 Foot Sub Sandwich is your ideal food tray option to cater any event. Each section of the 6-foot sub sandwich is made 1-foot in length on firm French bread, with beautifully placed sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables on all six individual sections.


Brand Marketside
Container Type Tray

How much is a 12 pack of mini Jimmys?

Jimmy John’s Catering Prices

Food Price
Mini Jimmys
12 Pack (6 Sandwiches)
24 Pack (12 Sandwiches) $59.00
Party Platters

Also, How many does a 3 foot sub serve? How many people does a 3 foot hero feed? Approximately, 12 to 15 people. Approximately, 12 to 15 people. Likewise, how many people does a footlong sub feed? o A 3ft giant sub feeds 10-12 people and a 6ft sub feeds 20-25 people.

Will Walmart install subwoofers?

Car Subwoofer Installation Service:

Orders are placed through and service is performed by InstallerNet. Car subwoofer fitting is performed by a certified technician. Select a location and time that is convenient for you. Saves you time and gives you peace of mind that it will be installed correctly.

How many does a 3 foot sub feed? 4. How many people does a 3 foot hero feed? Approximately, 12 to 15 people.

How many does a 6 foot sub feed?

Available items: 3-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 10–12. 6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25.

Is Jersey Mike better than Subway? Jersey Mike’s healthiest sub is still unhealthier than Subway. … Again, it turns out that you’re better off going with Subway. The healthiest sandwiches on the menus at both chains include chicken, but Subway’s oven-roasted chicken sandwich wins out. The sandwich only has 270 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.

What is a 99 at Jersey Mike’s? The #99 is, The Big kahuna with chipotle mayo and peppers.It is a combination of the #43 Chipotle Cheesestake and the #56 The Kahuna Cheesestake with banana peppers, Mike’s way. Yummy!

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