How much are sandwich trays at Walmart?

Walmart Catering Menu

Item Price
Sliders Tray Large 18″ $34.00
Sandwich Tray Medium


Sandwich Tray Large 18″ $42.00
Sub Sandwich 2ft. $18.00

Then, How much is a Pick 3 bucket at Walmart? Try the Pick 3 Bucket (2 entrees and 1 side) from the deli counter for just $12.88.

Does Walmart make fruit trays? Enjoy a healthy snack with an assortment of popular fruits in this Fruit Tray from Walmart. … The separate partitions and the pre-cut fruits also make it a convenient option for snacking.

Similarly How much is a sandwich platter at Costco?


Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20): $32.99. Chicken & Swiss Rollers (serves 20-24): $32.99. Shrimp Platter (serves 20-24): $39.99. Meat & Cheese Platter (serves 16-20): $26.99.

Are Walmart sub sandwiches good?

Walmart’s sandwiches are a popular item and for good reason — they are substantial, well-priced and seem fresh. I’ve bought them occasionally over the years and they do the job. I’d never tried the Beef & Bleu sandwich before and it was surprisingly flavorful.

How much is a 6 foot sub at Walmart? Walmart – 6-foot subs: Feed up to 30 people for less than $30. | Facebook.

Beside this, Is Walmart fried chicken good? It was crunchy and it tasted like chicken made from the chicken themed restaurants. It definitely tasted much better than Church’s & KFC shicken… I know that for sure. The pieces were very juicy and they were thoroughly cooked.

How much is a bucket of wings at Walmart?

Walmart Deli Menu- Bakery Menu for Every Occasion

Ranch Wings
Hot Wings $5.98
Wing Zings $5.98
Popcorn Shrimp $5.98

Jul 1, 2021

Is it cheaper to buy a fruit tray or make your own?

Is It Cheaper To Make A Fruit Display? In most cases it is always cheaper to make your own than it is to buy a premade one from the store. Making your own allows you to customize which fruit will be on the tray and you can make it look exactly how you like it.

Does Aldi sell fruit trays? The perfect Aldi produce spreads for cookouts and beach days

All she eats is fruit anyway.” Each tray retails for $1.99, making them the perfect option for a snack or light, on-the-go lunch and guarantee to pack in a ton of wholesome flavor into each serving.

How much is a small chick fil a fruit tray?

Chick-fil-A Menu Prices

Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich Tray – Delivery 16 Sandwich Halves $58.00
Fruit Tray – Pickup Small $26.00
Fruit Tray – Delivery Small
Fruit Tray – Pickup Large $54.00

Can I order sandwiches from Costco?

Deli Platters – ORDER ONLINE TODAY! Costco members can now pre-order platters from the Deli department. Platter selection includes prawns, assorted hye rollers, sushi, chicken wings and sandwiches. Simply complete and submit the order form below.

How do I order a Costco sandwich platter? If you’ve never ordered a platter, look for the “Order Party Platters Here” kiosk near the bakery or meat department. Just fill out the form and drop it through the slot. Or call your local store and navigate through the phone menu to the deli department.

Also to know, How do I order a subway platter? Order online at or contact your nearest Subway® Restaurant.

How many does a 6-foot sandwich feed? Available items: 3-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 10–12. 6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25.

How much does a 6-foot sub cost?

Some of the catering options they have include the famous 3 or 6 foot giant sub sandwiches, various sub sandwich platters, specialty items, side items, and desserts.

Subway Catering Prices.

Food Size Price
Giant Sub 3 ft. $51.99
Giant Sub 6 ft.
Giant Sub 9 ft. $149.97
Giant Sub 12 ft. $199.96

How many people will a 6ft sub sandwich feed? How many people will a 6ft sub feed? A 6-foot hero sandwich serves 20 to 40 people if they each eat a 1.5- to 3-inch portion. If they each eat 6-inch portions, it can serve 12 people.

Are Walmart Subs good? Walmart’s sandwiches are a popular item and for good reason — they are substantial, well-priced and seem fresh. I’ve bought them occasionally over the years and they do the job. I’d never tried the Beef & Bleu sandwich before and it was surprisingly flavorful.

How much does Walmart pay an hour? Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Cashier Range:

$10 – $14

Sales Associate Range:$10 – $15 Average:$12
Stocker Range:$10 – $15 Average:$12
Personal Shopper Range:$11 – $15 Average:$12

Jul 6, 2021

Also, Does Walmart still sell fried chicken? Whip up a tasty dish in minutes with the Walmart Deli Fried Chicken. It’s an ideal for people who enjoy the traditional comfort food and can be served for lunch or dinner. The 8-piece fried chicken comes in a convenient box with an easy-open lid, so you can just open and enjoy.

Which supermarket has the best fried chicken?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Walmart offered the best value for individual pieces of fried chicken, among all the options we sampled.

Can you order chicken from Walmart? Enjoy an effortless dinner with our Freshness Guaranteed Cold Traditional Rotisserie Chickens, which have been freshly prepared and cooked to perfection in our stores, and then refrigerated so you can order online and pick them up in store or have them delivered to your door!

How much is a 40 lb box of chicken wings?

Conventional Chicken – by the case

WINGS – 40 lb. case

BONELESS BREASTS – 40 lb. case* $112.00 $2.80
THIGHS – 40 lb. case $41.20 $1.03
BACKS – 40 lb. case $25.20 $0.63

How much is a 10 pound bag of wings? That would mean there are approximately 4 to 5 chicken wings in a pound. That would mean there are approximately 40 to 50 chicken wings in a 10 pound (lb) bag.

How much is Walmart chicken platter? Walmart Catering Menu Prices & Food Guide

Build-your-own tray. Pick 1, 2, or 3 chicken favorites. Options include crispy popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, and regular or boneless Buffalo wings. Served with ranch dressing.
16″ Medium

(serves 15-20)


18″ Large (serves 20-25)


Sep 1, 2020

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