Poolside Experience: Dubai Soul Beach – BBC Middle Eastern Food

Poolside Experience: Dubai Soul Beach – BBC Middle Eastern Food

What will happen?

Once inside, a lively setting reminiscent of a party in coastal Ibiza greets you with upbeat music, colourful elements and performances by performers and fire dancers. As soon as we entered the spacious cabin, it was refreshing to receive cold pink grapes in recyclable glass bottles, especially as we head into the warm summer months.

The venue is huge, and in the middle of the club between the pool and the beach is the DJ platform, where DJ and music producer Shehzad K ensures a great time, delivering smooth and steady vocals, techno, funky and progressive house tunes.

After a glass or three of wine and an appetite, it’s time for lunch. Imagine the style of southern French cuisine, chef Fredie Fouad’s Ă  la carte menu offers a delightful array of food, especially seafood. While you can choose to dine in your cabana or lounge chairs, we decided to change the scene and feast on the al fresco restaurant overlooking the pool.

First, a plate of juicy pulled beef sliders appeared. These award-winning must-have four-bite buns with ribs, pickled red onions, and melted aged cheddar are amazing. Lobster Soul Beach Salad filled with avocado, black cherry tomatoes, tarragon, baby gems and white balsamic vinegar, and a French Riviera Tuna Salad with Roasted Peppers, Potatoes, Olives; Sea Bass Ceviche with Grapes Pomelo, avocado, smoked almonds and chili peppers make the perfect appetizer for a light poolside lunch. We then enjoyed a hearty smoked wagyu beef balls with tomato sauce and parsley pesto, parmesan cheese. You might find a wholesome dish at your grandmother’s house that’s perfect for two to share (or not). Ask for a crusty bread to wipe off any remaining juices.

The main event calls for two irresistible treats on the grill, giant tiger prawns with fresh salsa verde and grilled octopus with almond picada. A feast for the eyes and the palate, the hoisin sauce was just what we needed to complete our blissful dip and pool days.

But before we can satisfy our sweet tooth, we’ll satisfy our sweet tooth with an innovative Piña colada dessert that includes pineapple jelly, cane distillate and sherbet from coconut ice cream; and a classic peach melba Vanilla ice cream, raspberry jam and caramelized almonds. While the fruity taste made me happy, my dining partner – you guessed it – asked for a melted chocolate fudge, which was sinful and satisfying.

Book now:

Daily from 10am to 10pm. AED 150 per person (including AED 100 redeemable for meals) Monday to Friday and AED 200 per person (including AED 150 redeemable for meals) Saturday and Sunday. Weekday cabins start from AED 500. Call +9714 814 5126 or visit Instagram.

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