Armani/Pavilion Iftar, Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani/Pavilion Iftar, Armani Hotel Dubai

Sponsorship: The Armani/Pavilion event is a precious and unforgettable experience unlike any before

With the sun setting in the sky with a stunning streak of warm golds, pinks and oranges, we arrived at our destination in the heart of Dubai, eagerly awaiting Armani/Pavilion’s modern and traditional outdoor Eid al-Fitr event.

Ornate lanterns and candles, varying in colour and lighting, surround the entrance, and we head to the peaceful setting of the hotel’s charming terrace, set amongst lush gardens. A grand staircase slowly but surely reveals the grandeur of the waiting; in awe, we stopped at the foot of the stairs to soak it in and headed to our seats. Once seated, you can admire the stunning views of the Dubai Fountain while admiring the tallest tower in the world.


Iftar at Armani/Pavilion will take you on a culinary journey through the region and the wider world, to the four corners of the UAE, the heart of the Levant, the vibrant Mediterranean coast and the exotic Far East. Look forward to signature specialties from the hotel’s award-winning restaurant and a variety of delicious dishes made with sustainably sourced local ingredients.

Quench your thirst quickly with dates and fresh thirst-quenching juices, including Qamar al-din, Jallab and the refreshing Laban. Follow this around and discover the multitude of flavours on different counters. Armani/Hashi offers the best of Japanese cuisine, Armani/Amal offers fragrant Indian dishes, and Armani/Ristorante offers a refined Italian dining experience with a separate kids corner, a huge Arabic food section, a range of Indian delicacies and desserts.

My dining partner stopped in the kids section for snacks like margherita pizza, mini beef sliders, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and french fries for the diner on our table; while I headed to soup Stand for a hearty oriental lentil soup and traditional Moroccan harira lamb and date soup. We finished our first course and went back to see what else was in store for us for Eid.

The Armani/Hashi counter beckons, offering Chinese Chicken Salad with Sweet Chili Sauce and Black Sesame, which quickly became our table favorite, Stir-fried Beef with Ginger Black Bean Sauce; the sushi selection features Maki rolls with California crab, spicy tuna and Vegetables, served with mustard and pickled ginger. On the other side of the counter is a range of aromatic Indian flavours from Armani/Amal such as the perfectly spiced Madras prawn curry with rich coconut milk, Aloo-mutter (potato and green pea curry), chicken curry, vegetable birya Ni, Kachumber salads and flavorful biscuits, including tangy chaat and samosas. Plates were stacked high; we returned to our seats to enjoy our meal.

Need to take a break, just in time for the spectacular view of the illuminated swaying fountain. Tea served by a staff member in traditional clothing left us breathless.

Hot and delicious appetizers followed, including Mushroom Pasta and Fitomisto with Lemon Mayo. Followed by delicious lobster fregola (risotto style); a kid tried, tasted and approved Orecchiette pasta with basil pesto at the onsite pasta station; and creamy Italian sauce shrimp and avocado salsa from Armani/Ristorante pull.

The nighttime LED show on the majestic Burj Khalifa kicked off, taking our Iftar experience to new heights. Taking a moment to stop and soak in it is an unforgettable and precious moment that I am sure I will cherish forever.

Save room for countless Middle Eastern dishes, from classic salads to dips like Muhammara, the impressive artichoke mutabel, Baba ghanoush and beetroot rabney and tangy pickles and olives. Hot food and juicy live grill counter full of kebabs, chicken and lamb kofta, beef kebabs, chicken and green beans stew freekeh barley, Kafta bil siniyyeh (lamb patties with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce), Shish barak (lamb dumplings with garlic mint yogurt sauce) and Omani shrimp and vegetable saloon.

Next up as one of my top picks, the shawarma station offers mushroom and olive fatayes, falafel and shawarma, and traditional tummies and hummus. Seafood lovers are impressed with the salt-baked salmon with lemon sauce, which is crisp and tender; and don’t forget the long-awaited roasted whole lamb cumin with traditional oriental yogurt with cucumber and mint, which we enjoyed wholeheartedly.

Every Iftar experience should end with a sweet treat, and Armani/Pavilion offers so much more. Choose from Turkish Cheese Kunafa Station, Turkish Delight Shawarma Station, Hot Syrup Lokma and Dried Fruit; and a Kids Corner with delightful candies, popcorn cones, chocolate chips, cookies and pistachios , chocolate, mango, lemon, vanilla and raspberry ice cream, I couldn’t resist stopping. The chocolate fountain with chocolate bars, lollies and pralines is sure to satisfy all taste buds; so will other desserts including fruity gazpacho, macarons, Maamoul pistachios, Halwat al jiben, Bourma pine, Bokaj cashew, Indian mithai, Rosewater crème brulĂ©e, Apricot mahalabia, berry puff, coconut mousse, passion fruit tart and coffee opera cake.

Soft and melodious live music adds to the enchanting atmosphere in the company of loved ones, family and friends.


The luxury Iftar experience at Armani/Pavilion is the perfect place to break your fast, offering an exceptional dining experience, first-class hospitality and sweeping views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain in an extraordinary ambience.

Book now:

Daily from sunset to 9pm. Iftar meal at AED 295 per person (includes Iftar-style buffet and Ramadan juice).

10pm to 2am every night. Suhoor AED 195 per person (includes a shareable nutritionally balanced menu celebrating Middle Eastern cuisine and global classics).

Call +9714 888 3666 or email access website or Instagram.

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