Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotels

Abu Dhabi EDITION Hotels

Fortunately, it was the weekend, which meant we could indulge in a wonderful weekend Spritz experience at Alba Terrace. Described as a little more than lunch, but not quite as extravagant as brunch, The Weekend Spritz offers laid-back Mediterranean-style afternoons on the restaurant’s gorgeous, lush patio. A range of appetizers to whet our appetites, including a signature deli board featuring smoked duck breast, beef broth, truffle salami and wagyu sausage, served with sour apple chutney, grape chutney and celery mayo; a vibrant strip The paprika marinated monkfish with red pepper aioli, avocado and slow-cooked tomatoes melts in your mouth; and a refreshing fresh mint, feta and cucumber salad with peas, fava beans and quinoa.

While we were very pleased with each dish, the star of the show had to be the impressive Burrata cheese cart, which contains a variety of condiments that you can pick and choose to make your own. Taking a breather at this point, we opted to sip a beer, each better than the last. Choose from mocktails, soft drinks or house drinks, grapes, hops and sparkling wine; or innovative blends with ingredients like fresh and burnt orange, lemon, jam, mint, espresso and even vanilla. Next up is the classic freshly baked pizza with a thin crust, smoky crust and toppings including ricotta, mozzarella, button onions, spinach and a tantalizing truffle. My dining partner and I chose to share three entrees, each portion just enough to satisfy you without overfilling you. Roasted red mullet with red pepper sauce and chives is amazing, full of color and flavor. And the roasted garlic gambas with lemon aioli, and the veal and lamb meatballs with couscous, pomegranate, and parmesan are simply brilliant. Delightful tiramisu, a selection of sorbets and lasagna with strawberries and orange juice rounded off our big Saturday event.

We skipped dinner and hung out in our Netflix room in comfy bathrobes.

Wake up the next morning with eyes bright and ready for a hearty breakfast at Market by EDITION, we opted to dine al fresco to take advantage of the cooler weather. Look forward to picturesque views of Al Bateen Marina. Fresh watermelon juice and hot coffee with almond milk made us happy and almost ready for the day, but not before our hearty breakfast. The pastry section has countless freshly baked treats like coconut brioche, cinnamon rolls, chocolate donuts, lemon donuts, cheese and plain croissants. Delicious dishes were a la carte, I stuffed in toasted shakshuka egg sauce, garnished with sumac yogurt, while my breakfast companion opted for a generous serving of avocado and egg toasted rye toast, with flax and sesame seeds, Cashews, nuts and lime zest. The sides also come in the form of cold cuts and smoked fish. We also really enjoyed breakfast, was its timing. Available from early morning to 12:30 pm, it allows to lie down, which is sometimes all you need.

We were honored to be invited to EDITION’s Iftar preview at the Market.If you choose to break your fast in this stunning setting, complete with lanterns and ambient lighting, expect a traditional iftar meal
Created for Ramadan, a contemporary take on Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens, exclusive partner of The Abu Dhabi EDITION, in collaboration with avant-garde local chef Mohamad Orfali. The menu includes unique dishes designed by collaborating and individual chefs, as well as live tapas.

At sunset, diners can pick up dried fruit and sip water or fresh juice. Soon our table was filled with Tom’s trio of pumpkin hummus, muhammara and pickled chickpeas, flax seeds and turmeric chips. Deconstructed Fattoush with Orfali, featuring heirloom tomatoes, red onion pickles and sumac bread. Both provided a good start to the evening. From the live station, you can enjoy delicacies such as cheese sambusek, kibe, spinach fataye, chicken musaka and vine leaves; followed by lentil or mushroom soup, chicken shawarma, chicken rotisserie, lamb kofta , Beef Kebab, Garlic Shrimp, Zucchini and Eggplant and Corn on the Cob with Garlic Sauce, Chimichuri, Beetroot Moutabal and Labneh. Heartier options include lamb ouzi with cucumber yogurt and pine nuts; or gravies such as butter chicken and potato hara. A pita van pulled up before we got into the main course specials, with the option to rustle our favorite mini buns, topped with sumac, za’atar, or olive oil. We tucked in a Freekeh with braised lamb neck and shiitake mushrooms, crispy fried onions, pine nuts and cashews from Orfali, and turmeric and saffron marinated chicken skewers with a cinnamon glaze, and cauliflower tabbouleh from Aikens. The chicken was rich and tasty, but I personally found the Freekeh with lamb a little too rich. On the other hand, my dining partner devoured the dish. The restaurant’s desserts have plenty of desserts, but we stick with the mains, including Chef Tom’s Rosewater and Raspberry Baba with Cream Mousse, Glazed Almonds and Mint, and Chef Mohamad’s Hitaliyeh with Frankincense Ice Cream and Aleppo Happy fruit.


Guests have free access to hotel or residential swimming pools. It was such a blessing that we stopped by the hotel pool to catch some light. Relax and sip free fruit water or a detox juice of cucumbers and vegetables. For those looking to work out, you can visit the state-of-the-art fitness center; or pamper yourself at the spa with 7 treatment rooms.

Insider Tip:

Look out for the iconic chair creations by emerging local designer Latifa Saeed in the hotel lobby. As part of her Braid Collection, the pieces are inspired by the unique way Emirati children braid their hair and the labor-intensive weaving process, a powerful feature of many Emirati crafts, namely sateefa, telli and sadu. The collection pays homage by interweaving contemporary fabrics with a range of contemporary forms and furniture designs.

To book accommodation:

The GCC Resident Package is available from 1 to 30 April from AED 1,300 (includes overnight accommodation in a deluxe room, daily dinner and breakfast. Guests can choose their daily iftar meal at Market at EDITION). Enjoy Iftar at Market at EDITION from sunset to 9:30pm for AED 198 per person. Saturday 12:30pm to 5pm (three hour experience) Weekend water spray at Alba Terrace for AED 215 (soft pack), AED 325 (family package), AED 445 (bubble Package) and AED 550 (upgrade to cabana and pool access). Call +9712 208 0000. Visit the website or Instagram.

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