Top local concept makes a splash in the international gastronomy world

Top local concept makes a splash in the international gastronomy world

Some of Dubai’s best home-grown restaurants represent the city’s eclectic food scene on the international stage and are a must experience

Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET) is celebrating a number of homegrown heroes who have successfully extended their culinary reputation beyond the shores of the UAE.

From international restaurants with a global twist like The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill, to quirky and interesting restaurants like BB Social, and Japanese-inspired success stories like Reif Kushiyaki, Dubai has a wealth of chefs and restaurateurs who have not only built their city brand, but has exported its concept outside the UAE.

Read the list below for some must-visit Emirati-born eateries and eateries in the city:


Entrepreneur Joey Ghazal has appeared in numerous international publications, he has built a global reputation in Maine, New England-style bistros in Dubai (DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Business ME at Melia Bay) and London’s exclusive Mayfair district. With a cool and chic vibe and serving classic seafood and grilled meats, Maine is a homegrown success story for lovers of curated yet accessible food experiences.
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BB Social Dining

One of the most innovative and creative restaurants in the city, BB Social’s concept revolves around its community, serving oriental cuisine in a lovely and compact space. The brainchild of co-founder Spero Panagakis and Executive Chef Alex Stumpf, the Asian-inspired menu offers an eclectic array of classic dishes, acclaimed since opening at DIFC, and has expanded into the vibrant KSA market, BB Social Dining Riyadh has taken the city’s foodies by storm.
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Raf Skewers

Singaporean entrepreneur and chef Reif Othman has earned Dubai’s reputation for superb kitchens at Burj Al Arab and DIFC’s Zuma; now the driving force behind Japanese-inspired chain Reif Kushiyaki (Dar Wasl Mall and Time Out Market, Dubai) . Since welcoming its first diners in 2020, the restaurant has opened restaurants in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and its menu showcases Ottoman’s mastery of unconventional Japanese cuisine, with French and Italian technical elements.
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high joint

Founded by three food-loving Emiratis (Al Manara, Al Khawaneej and Dubai Motor City), the High Joint has launched a “burger revolution” in the city. Its success is built on research and experimentation with every aspect of burger making, from making patties, toasting buns, mixing cheeses to whipping sauces and magical concoctions. The chain now has 5 UAE outlets since 2018 and recently expanded overseas to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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home bakery

With four locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (The Dubai Mall, Al Wasl Mall, Al Barsha Mall and Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi), Hild Al Mulla’s baking creativity has grown from the confines of her home kitchen Become a tantalizing lover of savory and sweet treats across the UAE. Sweet-toothed foodies in Riyadh will now experience a mouthwatering menu as the brand opens its first Saudi outlet later this year.
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3 Fils, Goldfish Sushi and Yakitori and 11 wood fires

After making the list of prestigious international best restaurants, Chef Akmal Anuar, owner and founder of 3 Fils (Jumeirah Fishing Port), and culinary giants behind Goldfish Sushi & Yakatori (Wasl 51), most recently in Dubai’s Jumeirah 11 Woodfire opened in District 1. Next year, his masterful rendition of Asian cuisine outside of Dubai will be internationally acclaimed with the launch of upscale Asian restaurant 53 in New York City (USA) and Goldfish Sushi & Yakitori in Saudi Arabia.
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GAIA, Carine, Fika, Aya and Izu Burgers

Homegrown chef Izu is responsible for some of Dubai’s most popular restaurants, including GAIA, Carine and Fika at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Aya and Izu Burger at City Walk, and more. Recently, Chef Izu successfully brought Gaia to Monaco, with plans for the future of Piccadilly in London and an expansion in New York!
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