The 2022 BBC Middle Eastern Food Magazine Awards are here

The 2022 BBC Middle Eastern Food Magazine Awards are here

BBC Middle East Food Magazine Awards 2022 celebrates the best hospitality and dining in the Middle East

Known for celebrating the best food experiences, restaurants and hotels in the Middle East, the BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine Awards is back for its 13th edition.

The bigger-than-ever awards have begun a round of nominations, inviting industry professionals to propose the best of the restaurant industry in each category.

Restaurateurs and hoteliers, if you haven’t nominated your brand yet, learn how below.

This year, the prestigious awards feature 50 unique categories, in which a brand can be nominated by industry professionals in two different categories that best suit their profession. From identifying country-specific cuisine, such as American and Caribbean restaurants (UAE), Greek restaurants (UAE) and Japanese restaurants (UAE), to rewarding impressive dining offerings including afternoon tea (UAE), family brunch (UAE) and Business Lunch (UAE), restaurateurs and hoteliers can ensure that each brand has a category.

Industry professionals are also encouraged to seek out the newly introduced categories, awarding Best Kosher Restaurant (UAE), Experiential Dining (UAE), Favorite Takeaway (UAE), Themed Meals (UAE) and more.

GCC-wide appreciation is also up for grabs, with the Fine Dining Restaurant (GCC) and Lodging Experience (GCC) categories open to restaurateurs and hoteliers to nominate their brands. Finally, the highly rated Restaurant of the Year (GCC) award will go to the brand with the highest total votes; therefore, it will not be shown for nominations or votes.

After this, voting rounds will begin and our readers will have the opportunity to vouch for and vote for their favorite brands. The BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine Awards are the only awards in the region that only offer recognition based on the customer’s seal of approval.

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