Spinneys pledges to stop single-use plastic bags

Spinneys pledges to stop single-use plastic bags

Spinneys, a locally owned supermarket, has pledged to stop using single-use plastic bags in its stores across the UAE

Locally owned supermarket chain Spinneys has announced a commitment to stop using single-use plastic bags in its stores in the UAE.

Spinneys stores in Abu Dhabi will eliminate their plastic checkout bags with single-use paper bags in July, in line with a new policy by the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency to ban single-use plastics at all checkouts from June. In Dubai, Spinneys has committed to the same single-use plastic ban as Abu Dhabi and will remove all single-use plastic bags at checkout. This includes bags made from plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable materials. The ban will be implemented in Dubai stores from 1 July 2022.

To help customers embrace the change, Spinneys will also reward repeat shoppers with AED 0.25 off their total grocery bill each time they bring their bags back to the store. This is in contrast to the Dh0.25 charge for using single-use plastic bags. The retailer hopes this will inspire its customers to make a conscious shift to using only reusable bags.

As part of this initiative, Spinneys has also partnered with award-winning Dubai sustainable artist Peahead.Eco to develop a bespoke premium tote bag made from 100% sustainable materials and upcycled Spinneys plastic bags. Designed as a versatile statement tote, this limited edition shopper is handcrafted ethically by local artisans in Ajman using upcycled single-use Spinneys bags and even sustainably sourced and harvested cork leather. These bags are exclusively available at Spinneys and will be available in select stores from June.

These latest moves are part of Spinneys’ “Let’s Close the Loop” campaign, the retailer’s commitment to building a circular waste management system and helping to close the loop in the plastic economy.

Visit the website: Spinneys and Peahead.Eco.

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