Pickl reveals the brand’s metaverse presence

Pickl reveals the brand’s metaverse presence

To cement its presence in the virtual world, Pickl debuts its virtual restaurant

The UAE’s award-winning burger chain Pickl has released the first preview of the brand’s virtual restaurant in the Metaverse. This sneak peak will give burger lovers a glimpse of what they can expect from the brand’s space in a virtual world.

The carefully selected and detailed “Meta Restaurant” has been carefully designed to replicate every feature of its brick-and-mortar store. From the pink hues surrounding the physical venue, to the framed Pickl favorites hanging on the wall, the virtual restaurant is fully equipped to welcome existing Pickl food lovers and curious taste buds from around the globe to take a virtual tour of the upcoming open space.

The 2,000-square-foot space will host exclusive branded themed games and sell virtual clothing and Pickl-inspired NFTs that can be used as virtual clothing to customize avatars or redeem physical items. In line with the brand’s ambitious plans to bring food delivery into the virtual world, the restaurant will also have designated areas for delivery riders. This will allow UAE users to place orders in the virtual world and receive deliveries in the real world.

Pickl restaurant in the UAE has always been a place to enjoy yourself; Pickl in Meta Festival will be no exception as it will have everything that makes their physical outlet special, plus Meta, Pickl founder and CEO Steve Flawith said Endless Possibilities of Festivals.

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