Pan-Asian cuisine gets new ideas with the opening of Not Only Fish

Pan-Asian cuisine gets new ideas with the opening of Not Only Fish

The new restaurant will open in mid-August.Located in the heart of JLT, this pan-Asian restaurant will provide a true Asian cultural experience with a lively atmosphere

Not Only Fish was founded in Kyiv by Alexadr Orlov, who is now the owner and chairman of the group. The venue pays homage to the diversity of Asian cultures by presenting a unique fusion of pan-Asian flavors from Korea and Japan, as well as other cuisines.

By using fresh ingredients and cooking techniques, including grilling, steaming, stewing, etc., the restaurant emphasizes maintaining the superior quality of food while maintaining its flavor and nutritional content.

Not Only Fish will have a raw bar serving fresh and authentic sushi, sashimi and tartar. The menu includes appetizers such as shrimp popcorn, dumplings, spring rolls and steamed buns, as well as signature dishes straight from the open fireside.

A warm and welcoming ambience awaits visitors in a contemporary setting to create a spacious space with a backdrop of natural tones and greenery to move freely, dance and enjoy live music, extending to indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Professional bartenders at the stylish Not Only Fish bar will serve traditional beverages as well as new creative blends with interesting flavours to suit all tastes.

opening soon. Daily from 12 noon to 12 am. Weekends from 12pm to 2am. Visit Instagram

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