Mark your calendars to kick off Dubai’s highest dinner show experience

Mark your calendars to kick off Dubai’s highest dinner show experience

Introducing 53, Dubai’s highest luxury dining and experiential dinner show at Sheraton Grand Sheikh Zayed Road

The brainchild of a team of industry experts, innovators and preeminent hospitality and event production experts, 53 will enter the luxury dining and experiential dining space this June with a focus on creating “360-degree dining experiences.”

With striking interiors and floor-to-ceiling views of the Dubai skyline from floor-to-ceiling windows, 53 will be the place to enjoy sunsets and late-night sips, as well as innovative multicultural and Mediterranean cuisine.

53 on the 53rd floor of the Sheraton Grand Sheikh Zayed Road will be the highest gala dinner show in the GCC. The experience combines upscale dining with performing arts and live entertainment to take audiences on an impressive and unforgettable journey throughout the evening.

Dining and creative bartending

53 is driven by innovation, delighting the most adventurous eaters with extraordinary cuisine from talented chefs. The concept’s food menu is influenced by all over the world, led by Chef Esteban Torregosa, and inspired by the Mediterranean, Latin America and Asia. The curated mixology menu is crafted with organic produce and zero waste, including the work of The Artesian in London and Erion Bardhoci, the artist behind The Artesian in London and the artist behind The Art Club in Dubai, bar manager Erion Bardhoci.


53 will provide the flow in the form of entertainment, starting with the beer, to the bar, decor, screens and staff. Dinner shows will take place on multiple sets of elevated stages, giving diners the opportunity to immerse themselves in all the elements of the venue without focusing on the dining experience. 53 has appointed Jean Sakr, a renowned event and programming producer from Lebanon, to create the original programming that will become 53’s signature.

Call +9714 583 5353. Visit the website or Instagram.

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