Le Guépard hosts a four-hand dinner for just two nights

Le Guépard hosts a four-hand dinner for just two nights

Indulge in culinary delights at a four-hands dinner dining experience at Le Guépard this June

Chef Yanis Yahoui

Chef Omar Diab

Le Guépard on Boulevard Alserkal puts culinary first with the introduction of a four-hands dinner dining experience that will take place in June. The whimsical French bistro and private restaurant offers a range of delicious courses assisted by French chef and soon-to-be restaurateur Omar Dhiab, who will join forces with their in-house chef, Yanis Yahoui.

For this special occasion, the two chefs will design a cohesive tasting menu that will lead diners on an artisanal and creative adventure.Each dish is designed to draw the diners’ attention deeper into the flavors and textures

Yanis Yahoui, also known as Chef Yax, is the head chef at Le Guépard, known for his innovation and culinary skills. With a multi-sensory approach to dining, Chef Yax believes that every meal should trigger an emotion or a past experience to leave a lasting impression.at the beginning of his

Chef Yax worked at a fine dining restaurant in London before moving to Dubai in 2018 and has since worked at some of the most famous restaurants including La Cantine du Faubourg and Ossiano.

He will be accompanied by former Michelin star chef Omar Dhiab from France on the special night of four hands. Chef Omar is giving diners a magical exclusive preview of his creative culinary craft and repertoire ahead of opening his own restaurant in Paris in September 2022.

The Four Hands Dinner is the perfect place for two chefs to express their personalities and combine technology, culture and ingredients to create an advanced seven-course menu that takes diners on an immersive journey where the senses work together.

June 16-17, AED 600 per person (four-hands dinner). Book online. Visit Instagram.

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