Gulf for Good raises funds to feed 300 children

Gulf for Good raises funds to feed 300 children

UAE-registered non-profit Gulf for Good raises AED100,000 worth of produce to feed 300 children

UAE-registered non-profit organization Gulf for Good has raised AED 100,000 worth of agricultural products. This will feed 300 children for a lifetime.

Through a Ramadan campaign in Malawi called “Funding the Farm”, Gulf for Good is inviting the UAE community to donate “virtual produce” to fund the establishment and operation of the entire farm. Funds raised now will be used to provide enough food each day for the 300 children supported by the Sparkle Foundation in Malawi.

The Ramadan event invites the UAE to reflect and embrace the spirit of Ramadan through charitable donations. Now, every donation received will be used to support children: Dh100 received will be used for 10kg of maize seeds, harvesting around 20 bags of maize to provide a meal for 300 children a day; donation Dh200 Mu will provide 32kg worth of soybeans, 600kg of soybean porridge and daily breakfast for the children; every Dh300 donation will provide the children with enough vegetables to eat at least once a week; 500 The Dhs donation will buy 50 chickens and provide the children with eggs once a week; finally, a Dh1,000 donation will buy eight goats and provide enough milk for the children once a week.

The initiative continues the vision of Gulf Public Goods to empower people to transform their lives and the lives of children around the world. Now, this action will not only transform the lives of Malawi children and their communities, but will reward contributors spiritually, knowing they are playing an active role in impacting change, as every child has the right to Get a happy and sustainable living life.

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