Explore Alila Hinu Bay this Khareef Season

Explore Alila Hinu Bay this Khareef Season

Sponsored: Escape to Salalah’s hidden gem Alila Hinu Bay to celebrate the southeast monsoon season, known as “Khareef”, with a special offer on bookings of one and two nights

Alila Hinu Bay is located in the boundless blue bay with its natural private beach. A boutique beachfront resort in Mirbat that offers a surprisingly different experience for an intimate weekend getaway or a family getaway. Alila, which means “surprise” in Sanskrit, features refined decorative elements, including ornate marble façades, with Omani vernacular influences visible in the falaj water features and arched corridors.

This summer, Alila Hinu Bay became the perfect summer retreat to celebrate the southeast monsoon season “Khareef”, Book one night two nights supply. This is a great place to explore the surrounding historical sites of the area. Along the coast and the spectacular foothills of Jabal Samhan, guests can rediscover the beauty of nature through their senses as Dhofar celebrates its most dramatic season with deserts Springs, waterfalls and verdant blankets The flora comes to life during “Khareef”.

Just 60 minutes from Salalah International Airport, the prestigious Alila Hinu Bay offers five guest accommodation options. Comfort is key when you relax in one of the resort’s spacious rooms or spacious villas, complete with private pools and tranquil outdoor tubs. As part of the Summer Package, guests can also enjoy free breakfast, special offers on Alila Spa treatments such as the 150-minute Eternal Frankincense Signature Getaway, and free resort activities throughout the week.

Epicurean tour

The resort has two specialty restaurants, Seasalt, which serves Southeast Asian cuisine and The Orchard, which offers menus inspired by the Frankincense Route, including dishes from Oman to the Arabian Peninsula all the way to the Mediterranean, as well as a range of international specialities using locally sourced ingredients .

Seasalt invites diners to a spectacular coastal dining event where you can relax to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The beachfront restaurant’s signature dish is the vibrant Fish Otak-Otak marinated in lemongrass, lime, Thai red chili peanut oil, soy sauce, coriander stems, garlic and ginger, steamed in banana leaves and garnished with jasmine Rice; Spiced Singapore Chili Lobster with sambal sauce, shallots, black bean paste and lemongrass, served with herbs, served with fresh flaky roti.

The fresh air of the Arabian Sea fills the atmosphere, and diners can also connect with the rich cultural heritage of the region through Orchard Restaurant. Close to the ancient port of Khor Rori – one of the ports used in ancient times to transport frankincense from the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, and overland through Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea – Orchard Restaurant pays homage to heritage and culture through sustainable sourcing and storytelling,” The meaning of “The Frankincense Journey” comes to life. The menu will take guests on a culinary journey, with carefully crafted dishes inspired by the land and sea travels of frankincense merchants. Enjoy the breadth and breadth of trade routes from Oman to the Mediterranean.

Embraced by sea and mountain, Alila Inu Bay has limitless mystical attractions, where you can embark on a harmonious adventure of land, sea and sky, reconnecting with nature while immersing yourself in luxurious ambience .

If you are looking for bespoke cultural, dining and wellness services during your stay, please contact the hospitable Alila Leisure Concierge team for a special itinerary.

Book One Stay Two Offer

This summer, spend less and experience more. Get a free night every night you book. The package includes free breakfast, Alila Spa specials and free weekly resort activities scheduled by the hotel. This offer is valid until September 30.

Offer valid until September 30. Email Reservations.hinubay@alilahotels.com or contact +9682 337 3350. Visit the website or Instagram.

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