Enjoy summer flavors at Table Otto

Enjoy summer flavors at Table Otto

Otto watch, a French-Italian restaurant that welcomes diners to beat the summer heat with a range of delightful dishes and summer coolers

With temperatures soaring and summer approaching, Table Otto, a modern French-Italian concept, invites diners to enjoy their signature dishes and a refreshing cooler designed to ward off the sweltering heat.

With dishes inspired by French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines, Table Otto’s menu includes exotic “healthy bowls”, Mexican guacamole, freshly baked Turkish simit bread, delicious pancakes, their signature pain perdu and refreshing The mocktails for an immersive dining experience that transports you to a European summer.

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast option, choose the Citrus Fruit and Yogurt Bowl with granola, honey pollen, lemon honey and fresh fruit; or the Avocado Honey Yogurt Bowl with toasted almonds, peanuts, frozen blueberries and Coconut flakes. Alternatively, serve chia coconut pineapple pudding in a bowl with raspberry marble or enjoy warm oatmeal with dark chocolate.

The classic berry buttermilk pancakes, gluten-free pancakes with raw agave yogurt and toasted coconut, and chocolate ice cream with chocolate pancakes are hearty and hearty in form. Fans of Pain perdu can opt for a custard-dipped brioche garnished with their favorite toppings, from classic to cinnamon to chocolate to coconut.

Complete your meal with Table Otto’s summer sips, filled with sour lychees, basil, saffron, berries and more, made with fresh ingredients sourced locally and internationally.

Fashion Boulevard in Dubai Mall or Yas Mall Abu Dhabi. Visit Instagram.

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