Ella’s Eatery launches Swedish-inspired midsummer menu

Ella’s Eatery launches Swedish-inspired midsummer menu

Ella’s Eatery, located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, invites you to enjoy a Swedish-inspired midsummer menu

Located in Palm View East on Palm Jumeirah, Ella’s Eatery is a delightful community cafe with a passion for hearty breakfasts, stone-baked pizzas, nutritious salads, a refreshing beverage menu, and more. The concept works for all occasions, including dinner dates, gatherings with family and friends, brunch reservations, remote work, or even just a few sips after get off work.

This June, the venue will embrace its Swedish heritage with a week-long celebration of spectacular Swedish food in the form of a Swedish-inspired menu. Available from June 20 to 26, diners can look forward to a range of innovative creations full of Swedish flavours.

The menu includes a range of traditional Swedish appetizers, followed by a main course of your choice, be it classic meatballs, juicy salmon fillets or veggie burgers, and the menu offers a variety of delicious Swedish delicacies.

End your experience with a dessert of custard, Marangswiss, or a Nordic summer traditional dessert; an unlimited Swedish sip boost.

Be sure to bring the kids, as the Midsummer Kids Menu also includes a range of traditional Swedish food for kids.

Available June 20-26. AED 199 per person (three courses) and AED 50 per child. Visit Instagram. Call +9714 557 0984.

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