Belcanto restaurant opens at Dubai Opera

Belcanto restaurant opens at Dubai Opera

Belcanto, a sophisticated new venue invites Dubai residents to enjoy a unique dining experience with Italian flair on the rooftop of Dubai Opera

Head to Belcanto, the newly opened fine dining restaurant on the roof of the iconic Dubai Opera. Combining the artistry and sophistication of Italian cuisine with an elegant and captivating ambience, Belcanto, which means “beautiful song” in Italian, is curated by a talented restaurant team to deliver an experience of a lifetime.


With the restaurant completely covering the lobby of the Dubai Opera, the famous Paul Bishop’s design allows Belcanto to create a new world at Dubai Opera. Every corner features new striking details to discover and engage the senses, with typical European styles and aesthetics as well as bespoke elements based on the restaurant’s unique dining and European flair. The interior expresses pure elegance in monochromatic tones including wood, crushed emerald green, blood red Cordoba shades, heavy velvets, printed filigree cut leather and striking crystal chandeliers and striking columns that make A time and place that reminds one of the classic opera space.


An authentic Italian culinary journey that brings comfort and belonging to diners. Belcanto’s culinary team, comprising a group of outstanding international talent, will present diners with a superlative menu called Libretto, inspired by musical compositions from the opera. Curated by the brand’s chef, Giacomo Lombardi, signature dishes from Prologue to Epilogue are based on classic stories and crafted with modern techniques. The authenticity of the dish is accentuated by the variety of pizzas created by the Neapolitan pizza world champion chef Vincenzo Palermo. To end the dining experience on a sweet note, Executive Pastry Chef Anthony Falcone brings his expertise from various Michelin-starred restaurants to world-class pastries, including his signature artisan Primavera alla fragola and Eclaire Foresta nera. Chef Sommelier Nicola Panelli and his team elevate the culinary scene, transporting diners into the world of grapes and food pairings through expertly curated menus.

Another highlight of the Belcanto experience is the bar led by Mikhail Melnik, head bartender who has won the World’s 50 Best Bars for five consecutive years. Belcanto’s captivating menu complements its cuisine with sophisticated and elegant drinks, including signature Creole cocktails and milk basil smash.


Music, art and fashion, combined with artistic projections on the magnificent walls, elevate Belcanto’s timeless Italian environment and multi-sensory concept, while maintaining a refined and unique feel. A grand piano will take center stage in the restaurant, where famous musicians will be invited to perform.

Open from 6pm to 12:30am on weekdays and from 6pm to 1:30am on weekends. Call +9714 456 0936 or email Visit Instagram.

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