What Is Healthier Kale Or Spinach?

Additionally, spinach is an excellent source of vitamin E and has a little more manganese than kale which further aids in the reduction of the risk of health problems related to oxidative stress.

Health benefits of spinach Spinach contains relatively high quantities of protein compared with other vegetables, though it is slightly lower in protein than kale. It also offers beneficial fiber, but at about half the level of kale.

Side Effects of Juicing Kale

  • Too Much Potassium. Kale is very rich in potassium.
  • Iron Overload. Having healthy amounts of iron is very good for our overall health.
  • Large Amounts of Vitamin K. Kale is abundant in vitamin K, in fact, we might as well call it “vitamin Kale”.
  • Too Little Calories. It is true that kale contains very little calories.

TBH, kale and spinach are pretty similar. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, though, kale has more vitamin C and A than spinach, and “spinach edges out kale for folate, vitamin K, and iron,” says Armul. But both are low in calories, versatile, and grow all-year-round.

Spinach and kale are both low in calories but contain varying amounts of fiber, vitamin K,

Why is Spinach better than Kale?

  • 2.14% more proteins per 100g? 2.86g vs 2.8g
  • 29.41% more dietary fiber per 100g? 2.2g vs 1.7g
  • 5.06% higher water content per 100g? 91.4g vs 87g
  • 3.02x more vitamin A (IU) per 100g? 9377IU vs 3100IU
  • 24% more potassium per 100g? 558mg vs 450mg
  • 43.24% more zinc per 100g? 0.53mg vs 0.37mg
  • 38.43% more manganese per 100g?
  • 3.03x more vitamin A (RAE) per 100g?

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