What Is A Really Good Inexpensive Red Wine?

How long is Tinta Roriz wine aged?

But this wine is a whole other ballgame—aged 18 months in American oak barrels, six months in the bottle, and ready for demanding tongues everywhere.

Using traditional techniques straight out of Burgundy, their pinot grapes are fermented in open-air tanks to allow more oxygen flow to achieve their more sumptuous flavors. This is a best in class example because of its balance of ripe California fruit and Old World complexity.

While it’s true that some expensive wines are worth the hype, it’s also true that a skilled winemaker can be equally skilled at coaxing the best quality fruit from his vineyard, or by budgeting during the winemaking process, effectively bringing down the price of their quality vino.

What is the best red wine under $15?

In our list of the best red wine under $15, we start with the M.Chapoutier which comes from a village called Cotes Du Roussillon in France. With an ABV between 12-14%, this wine goes well with any lamb dish and has a red and intense texture.

The Skouras red wine is one of the best recommendations in the $20 range. Not only is this a cheap yet high-quality red wine but it also has Beaujolais-like fresh cherry flavors.

Pinot Noir is famous for its taste and smell, the Meiomi is no exception. You can smell the cherry-like aroma and a fruitful floral hint on your palate. This red wine goes well with chicken and turkey and has around 13-14% alcohol content.

The Sirah red wine goes well with lamb and has around 13-14% alcohol content. 10. Cline Lodi Zinfandel. Considered among the top 10% of all wines in the world, the Cline Lodi Zinfandel is made from the grapes of the Lodi region in the USA. You can pair this wine with beef, lamb, or poultry.

Another way to increase the value of cheap wine is to decant or aerate it . Deca n ting helps wine unleash its ultimate flavors and aromas. If you don’t have the patience to decant, it would do well to use some of the best wine aerators on the market.

As it’s famously said, “wine and cheese age beautifully with time”. Produced by Oak ridge winery, the Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon is an aging red wine that is both rich and intense.

We couldn’t create a list of affordable red wines without including one of our favorites: merlot. Priced at $13, this particular brand has a supple flavor that emanates its plum-rich base and leaves one with the impression that they are drinking a much more expensive bottle of wine.

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