What Is A Pizza Slider At Arby’S?

Out of seven delicious little sliders on the menu, Arby’s has cut two. But the choice of the two to cut is baffling to some—especially when it comes to the pizza slider. “Yes this is a weird choice for me.

Arby’s HAM Slider is a specialty sandwich that consists of two beef patties, ham, Swiss cheese, and a sweet sauce It has 200 calories and 70 calories from fat. The Price of this slider is $1.49 4. JALAPEÑO ROAST BEEF SLIDER Arby’s JALAPEÑO ROAST BEEF SLIDER is a type of sandwich sold at the fast-food restaurant Arby’s.

The marinara definitely did the bulk of the heavy lifting for the new slider and provided a little bit of sweet and a lot of tangy with a just bit of herb notes. Between the sauce, the pepperoni, and the salami, the Pizza Slider was quite salty.

Arby’s Just Quietly Discontinued These 6 Menu Items. 1 Loaded Italian Sandwich. Courtesy of Arby’s. 2 Pizza Slider. 3 Ham Slider. 4 Loaded Curly Fries. 5 Potato Cakes. More items

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