Is Mrbeast Burger Vegan?

Upon opening, MrBeast Burger received mixed reviews. Many customers shared their opinions on Twitter, with some praising the chain while others complained of poor service, long wait times, and an unappealing presentation. Additionally, accusations surfaced that chains were serving raw food.

Beast Burger popped up as a new business so I gave it a chance. Firstly, Mr. Beast Burger apparently is not a truck or a brick and mortar; it is a virtual restaurant experience where you order through them or an app and an affiliated restaurant would make this at their kitchen.

The viral video featuring the MrBeast Burger giveaway took place at The Burger Boy in Wilson, North Carolina, where Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, grew up and is based.

As for the issue of eating crispy MrBeast Burger fries after they’ve turned soft from delivery, customers with air fryers have been getting good results by re-crisping them before digging in. For now all locations are in the US.

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