Is Coke And Coffee Good Together?

There are even coffee loves out there who drip fresh coffee into a partially-empty Coke bottle with a funnel. There is no universal method for mixing the two drinks, but we can offer a few pointers. Check out recipes shown below. The taste of these drinks is great, but the fun of creating them is another upside.

Yes it is. Drinking coffee after drinking Coke is fine, as long as the amount of coffee does not cause you to exceed the maximum amount of caffeine you should take in daily. Also, if you drink coffee with added milk, the milk may be adversely affected by the phosphoric acid in the Coke and cause your stomach to feel unwell.

But then the coffee comes out with a bitter-spice buzz of coffee and then the mellow, buttery sweetness of the cola. It definitely tastes like Coke. Not cola – Coke. It hits that familiar tang that clangs around your mouth as you taste. It’s less a flavor than a sensory attachment to a soda institution. But then there’s the coffee.

Let’s use a beer analogy. If Coca-Cola is the normal flagship IPA from a big brewery, Coke with Coffee is the wacky, heavy double IPA that comes out as more of an over-the-top gimmick made with crazy ingredients. But instead of bumping the alcohol by volume, Coke has jacked up the caffeine content.

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